Website Privacy Policy

    1. The Website – PROBUS Club Of Mississauga Centre. The Club’s website is intended to facilitate i) communications to and among the membership and ii) the coordination of club activities. It provides high level information about the club to the general public and more specific, password-protected information to the membership.


    1. Personal Information You Have Provided. Upon joining the club, members have agreed to provide limited personal information, including name, address, email address, home and/or mobile telephone number and a personalized photo.


    1. What Other Personal Information Do We Store? We will store such information as the date you joined the club, your interests and volunteer positions. The club will also store photos of activities, speakers, service pins, meetings, etc.


    1. How Do We Use the Information? The Club will use website information to administer club activities and to communicate with members.


    1. How Will the Website Assist In Club Administration? The Club will store administrative documents such as our Constitution and Bylaws, Committee Position Profiles and Members, Club Financial and Audit information, and AGM presentations. The storage of the Club Calendar, Monthly Updates (and past Newsletters), Speakers and Membership Lists is intended to facilitate both administration and communication within the Club. Some of this information will be maintained for archival purposes.


    1. How Will The Club Secure Our Personal Information? Information, of a more general nature, will be accessible by the public via Google search. This is a common practice and is intended to promote PROBUS clubs across Canada. However, specific information relating to members, activities, dates and/or locations is secured by password in a “members-only” section of the website. In addition, our site has purchased security protection in the form of an “SSL certificate”. This feature ensures that each connection between a PROBUS member and the website is “secure” from outside intruders and information sent across the connection is encrypted (i.e. scrambled). This is the same technology used by governments, financial institutions and businesses. When you see our web address in your browser ( you will also see the httpS: designation for “secure” and green padlock symbol, meaning that your connection is secure and encrypted!


    1. Website Use Information. Like other websites, our site includes a standard technology called “cookies” and web server logs to collect information about how the website is used. This information is collected on an aggregate basis and is not associated with individual members. NOTE: Commercial websites use this information to improve web performance and redesign information flows. However, it is not anticipated that our website will experience high traffic volumes and as such, we may never need to access cookies and/or server logs. For us, the need for any website redesign is more likely to be communicated via feedback from our members.


    1. Do We Disclose Any Information to Outside Parties? Simply stated, the answer is No. We do not and will not disclose any information of a personal nature to outside parties.  The Membership List is for the sole use of members for club activities.